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By Marcella Smith
By The Way A Memoir of Religion, Abuse, and Redemption by Jaime Kay Chase captures the reader into a life filled with pain, injustice, and abuse. The constant roller coaster of events and witty sense of humor of the author makes the book hard to put down. Most of all this book teaches that pain can be healed, injustice overcome, and triumph can be achieved by the power of the atonement. This book shows there is sunshine beyond the clouds and that anyone can change. Truly an admirable act of the author to share her moving story. A must read for sure.

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New Review from a Reader

Another new review!

Jaime Kay Chase takes us on an amazing page turning journey from her troubled and abusive childhood…to her triumph discovery of self worth, forgiveness and passion for life!  Her creative writing style, sense of humor, brutal honesty and intense compassion for others, helps brighten an otherwise disturbing, and unfortunate past.  She is truly a pillar of strength and inspiration to anyone who reads this book!  She is even more beautiful to me after reading her incredible story and she proves that life truly begins when you accept the past and embrace the future with an open heart and mind.

Tracy Zadra
A true friend for life….

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"By The Way, A Memoir by Jaime Kay Chase"
Centers around a young girl's account for acceptance and a woman's search for spiritual truth. Readers will be swept away on Chase's memorable journey, challenging one to stop reading. Haunting, yet filled with a witty style and a unique recognition for readers that despite the pain we endure and sometimes may even cause, we will survive.
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New Review from a Reader

By the Way is an engrossing novel that will keep you up, needing to turn the page. Jaime Kay Chase is a talented writer that makes you not just feel as if you know her story, but as though you are actually right there, going through these experiences with her and feeling the same disbelief, disappointment, sadness, joys, triumphs and revelations that she is. In the end, you will not only applaud her journey, but this book as well.

~Rachel Rose Saunders

By The Way!

New Cover!

I am so excited!

The new book cover is now ready and is on all the issues of By The Way! Thank you Betty Brownson from Brownson Enterprises! She did a beautiful job on the cover!

I'm told in only a couple of weeks, the book will be available to purchase globally and on all Amazon and Barnes N Noble websites!

Purchase your copy today for only $19.00!

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First Press Release for By The Way

Alaska Author releases her memoir: By The Way, A Memoir of Religion, Abuse and Redemption

Jaime Kay Chase

Anchorage, AK. – March 3, 2010

Jaime Kay Chase has captured readers from across the country with her inspiring memoir chronicling her life as a young girl’s longing for acceptance and a woman’s search for spiritual truth.

Jaime Kay Chase describes her memorable journey in a haunting, yet witty style in which readers are able to relate to the story and feel compassion and love for the writer. Chase traces her life from infancy to adulthood, and describes each scene of her life in present tense. This is a from-the-trenches memoir and offers an often heartbreaking, yet inspiring glimpse in the mind of a survivor.

“It took three years and a lot of blood, sweat and tears to write this book,” Chase says. “It is a relief to have everything out there, but scary at the same time. I have things I’ve kept secret, yet now the entire world is able to read about my life, and to judge it. With that being said, it is my hope that it will encourage a lot of people, that despite the wrong path they may be traveling down they can always make that detour. We all can make the changes we need to be happy. That’s why I wrote the book.”

The first edition of By The Way is available for a limited time only on lulu.com. The second edition will be released on April 6th and be available globally on Amazon.com, lulu.com and selective bookstores.

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Jaime Kay Chase is a writer and public speaker. She lives in Anchorage, AK with her husband and their four children. This is her second book. Her book can be found on lulu.com at https://www.lulu.com/commerce/index.php?fBuyContent=8431651

Reviews for By The Way

Here are a couple of reviews from readers! Thank you!

"Not since I read Jane Eyre, have I been so captivated and drawn in to a book as when I started reading "~By The Way~ A Memoir of Religion, Abuse, and Redemption" by Jaime Chase. I cried. I held my breath. I laughed. I cried some more. I hurt with the main character. I rejoiced with the main character. This book brought healing and restoration to some issues in my own life. This is by far the best book I have read in a very long time." ~Stephanie Hunt

"I was moved to tears so many times, you have had such a life. Following your search for faith and feeling your passion was truly an amazing experience..."
~Richelle Killian

…“an amazing writer! I find myself thinking about your book a lot. You paint the picture well...I can see some of the scenes in my mind like it's a forgotten memory of a movie. Very good writing!” ~Pamela Bearden

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Thank You!

Hello Friends!

I hope you enjoyed reading a sneak preview of the rough draft of By The Way. I figured if I could put myself out there in a blog...raw and unedited, then when the book was published...it would be easy! Right?

That is how I think it should work!

Now the first edition is available on LuLu.com and I'm still very nervous! I appreciate all of your kind emails and messages on Facebook! Thank you so much for the encouragement! I need it!

Today, all of the entries will be deleted except for the first chapter. I will use this blog to keep you up to date with tour dates, speaking engagements and information regarding the book. I hope you will keep checking back.

I've been asked about autographed copies of the book. I would be honored to autograph copies of the book. :)

Thank you so much friends!

And here we go...

~Jaime Kay Chase

Buy the first edition TODAY for a limited time!

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First Edition on sale now!

The first edition of By The Way is available for a limited time on LuLu.com!

This edition will only be sold until April 6th!

Get your copy today!

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

If you would like an autographed copy at no extra charge, email jaimekaychase@gmail.com.


Release date for By The Way!

The release date for By The Way is April 6th! Details for pre-orders will be posted soon!


From Jaime Kay Chase

No additional chapters will be added to the blogspot page. We hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peak at a writer's raw and rough draft of an unpublished book.

The published book will be available for purchase in April. (date TBD). Keep checking back...this site will now provide updates on the book's release, tour dates, Chase's speaking engagements and appearances.

You may also pre-order this book today! Email jaimekaychase@gmail.com for details!

We want to hear from you! What were your thoughts about the book so far? Write a review! Make sure you include your name, business or website!


Excerpt of By The Way


I am seventeen years old the first time I attend a funeral. Close family friends…so close for the longest time I thought they were family. A father and son, riding their bikes, bonding. I like to think in their last moments they took a break, perhaps for Nicolas to tell his father a joke or talk about something important to a sixteen year old. I like to think that in their last peaceful moments something special transpired between the two. Something so special that had they lived, it would reshape their lives. Colors of the world would be brighter, irritants not so bothersome. It wouldn’t have been just an ordinary bike ride between a father and son.

I can’t let my mind think it would have been ordinary.

As they rode, a car sped by, fast and reckless. Uncle Tommy shouted at the driver to slow down.

“Slow down, you crazy broad!” He insulted her and she heard him.

In a matter of minutes she turned around and ran them over.

They didn’t have a chance.

I am living with my father and stepmother when my mother calls. I don’t cry when she tells me the awful news. My father is in the room and members of my family do not cry. Not sober anyway.

When I did cry, it would be when I was alone. My safe place: the closet in my room. Dark with no light shining through, I could block out painful memories. It would be in that closet I would grieve for Nicolas and his father.

I had never been to a funeral or a wake before. I walk in stiffly to the wake, not sure of what to expect. I am relieved to see the two caskets closed. Royal blue caskets with sterling silver handles. I stare at the caskets, imagining which one had Nicolas lying inside. What does he look like?

I imagine his spirit standing next to me, hearing my thoughts. “I look dead, Buttface,” he says in response to my flickering thought. He doesn’t bother to whisper the Buttface remark as he would have any other time. He knows I won’t chase him. He also knows no one can hear.

He knows my mind is just playing tricks on me, avoiding to accept the harsh reality I will never see him again.

My mind goes back to the summer of years ago. Nicolas was ten, his brother Richard is nine and I’m eleven. We are playing near their pool and they are asking me which one of them I liked the best. I’m amused with their questions, feeling a little full of myself for them to even care so much. They promise they won’t get mad with my answer.

I say I like them both the same.

This is a lie. The truth is I like Nicolas the best, despite our sibling type fights.

Before I can change the subject, Nicolas flicks water on me and we start roughhousing. We take our chase into the house. The newly built house his father has been working on, with its freshly painted walls and new carpet. He is running faster after me, so I run behind a door. He sees me and rushes to ram the door with me behind it which will stab me with the doorknob. His house is still so new there are no doorstoppers. Knowing what he’s going to do, I move quickly and as if in slow-motion we watch the doorknob jam into the wall creating a hole.

“You did it!” I yelled.

“You moved!”

My aunt and his mother come running hearing our shouting and hearing the loud bang from the door. When Nicolas sees them coming, he whispers, “Nice job, Jaime. We’re dead.”

The memory flashes vividly in my head. It is almost as if it is transpiring right before my eyes. My aunt and his mother didn’t kill us that day, my aunt just took me home.

“Nice job, Jaime. We’re dead.” He had said those words to me and I had brushed him off.

I look at the caskets. “I’m dead.” I hear his voice. Standing beside me. Full of his same amount of teasing. Even in death, he can annoy me.

“Did you figure out MPH is miles per hour and not Miff, yet Dummy?”

I ignore the dead Nicolas teasing of one small infraction while reading a news article out loud about him and his speed skating. I was proud and read fast. Excuse me for living.

I stand in line with my father and stepmother to hug his Mom, Aunt Jean. My Aunt Sondra is standing beside her. Sondra and Jean had been best friends as long as I have been alive. Sondra, childless, loves Nicolas and Richard as if they were her own kids.

Now one is forever a kid to us.

I don’t know what to say to Aunt Jean. She’s lost her husband and her son. How is she smiling at people? Tears fill her eyes, yet the smile remains. She hugs me. I try to speak, but I can’t get any words out.

She hugs me tighter.

“Can you believe our Nicolas? He’s in Heaven before us all, that stinker!”
She smiles brightly and I realize she is trying to comfort me.

We hug again and I move away. Sondra is there, her face red, her eyes bloodshot. I am wearing a bright orange body suit, blue jeans and a blazer. I am sporting a good amount of cleavage, too much for a wake. She closes my blazer teasingly.

My stepmother will comment on it later implying my choice in clothes needs work. I will tell her I never got the clothing etiquette guidebook for when your childhood friend and his father are killed by a crack head.

The next day is the funeral. I go alone and sit with my Aunt Patricia in the back. I wear a black dress with no cleavage. I do not pay attention to the service. I talk to Nicolas in my head.

“I can’t believe you wore that shirt yesterday to my wake,” he says.

“I can’t believe you’re dead.”

“Believe it.”

“Are you sad?”

“For my Mom and my brother, but one day this will all make sense. You’ll see.”

When I leave the funeral, I go home to shower and change clothes.

I have a date with my boyfriend.

I try to explain my relationship with Nicolas to him, explain why I am so sad, but he isn’t listening. Instead he kisses me hard on the mouth. I am wearing the body suit. “Here,” he says reaching for the back zipper, “Let me help you with that.”

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