Thank You!

Hello Friends!

I hope you enjoyed reading a sneak preview of the rough draft of By The Way. I figured if I could put myself out there in a blog...raw and unedited, then when the book was published...it would be easy! Right?

That is how I think it should work!

Now the first edition is available on LuLu.com and I'm still very nervous! I appreciate all of your kind emails and messages on Facebook! Thank you so much for the encouragement! I need it!

Today, all of the entries will be deleted except for the first chapter. I will use this blog to keep you up to date with tour dates, speaking engagements and information regarding the book. I hope you will keep checking back.

I've been asked about autographed copies of the book. I would be honored to autograph copies of the book. :)

Thank you so much friends!

And here we go...

~Jaime Kay Chase

Buy the first edition TODAY for a limited time!

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