First Press Release for By The Way

Alaska Author releases her memoir: By The Way, A Memoir of Religion, Abuse and Redemption

Jaime Kay Chase

Anchorage, AK. – March 3, 2010

Jaime Kay Chase has captured readers from across the country with her inspiring memoir chronicling her life as a young girl’s longing for acceptance and a woman’s search for spiritual truth.

Jaime Kay Chase describes her memorable journey in a haunting, yet witty style in which readers are able to relate to the story and feel compassion and love for the writer. Chase traces her life from infancy to adulthood, and describes each scene of her life in present tense. This is a from-the-trenches memoir and offers an often heartbreaking, yet inspiring glimpse in the mind of a survivor.

“It took three years and a lot of blood, sweat and tears to write this book,” Chase says. “It is a relief to have everything out there, but scary at the same time. I have things I’ve kept secret, yet now the entire world is able to read about my life, and to judge it. With that being said, it is my hope that it will encourage a lot of people, that despite the wrong path they may be traveling down they can always make that detour. We all can make the changes we need to be happy. That’s why I wrote the book.”

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Jaime Kay Chase is a writer and public speaker. She lives in Anchorage, AK with her husband and their four children. This is her second book. Her book can be found on at

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